Privacy Policy


GameOnEntertainment Technologies Inc (“GameOn” or “We” or “Us”), respects the privacyof your personal information and is committed to protecting it and using itsolely for the purposes for which it was collected. The objective of thisprivacy policy is to inform you of our privacy practices and to provide youwith information on why and how GameOn collects your personal information andhow it is kept and used.


Thispolicy applies to all personal information collected by GameOn from the (the “Platform”) and also through communications you may havedirectly with GameOn by email, phone or otherwise. This policy is subject toBritish Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act, as well as otherapplicable legislation and regulations.


If you are an individual who has provided uswith your express consent to collect and use your Personal Information incertain ways, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting ourPrivacy Officer using the contact information provided in the "How tocontact us" section of this Privacy Policy.


Last Updated: February 28th,2024




Information you provide to us. Personal Information you may provide to us through the Platformor otherwise includes:


·    Contactdata, such as your first and lastname, business name, email address, postal address, and phone number.


·    Communications data based on our exchanges with you, including when youcontact us through the Platform, social media, email or otherwise.


·    Marketingdata, such as your preferences forreceiving our marketing communications and details about your engagement withthem.


·    Accountdata, such as the username andpassword that you may set to establish an online account on the Platform.


·    Otherdata not specifically listed here,which we will use as described in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise disclosedat the time of collection.


Third-party sources. We may combine PersonalInformation we receive from you with Personal Information we obtain from othersources, such as:


·     Public sources,such as government agencies, public records, social media platforms, and otherpublicly available sources.


·    Dataproviders, such as information services anddata licensors that provide demographic and other information that we use toprovide the Platform.


Automatic data collectionWe,our service providers, and our business partners may automatically log certaindata about you, your computer or mobile device, and your interaction over timewith the Platform, our communications and other online services, such as:


·     Devicedata, such as your computer ormobile device’s operating system type and version, manufacturer and model,browser type, screen resolution, RAM and disk size, CPU usage, device type(e.g., phone, tablet), IP address, unique identifiers, language settings, mobiledevice carrier, radio/network information (e.g., Wi-Fi, LTE, 5G), and generallocation information such as city, state or general geographic area.


·     Onlineactivity data, such as pages or screensyou viewed, how long you spent on a page or screen, the website you visitedbefore browsing the Platform, navigation paths between pages or screens,information about your activity on a page or screen, access times and durationof access, and whether you have opened our emails or clicked links within them.


·     Communicationinteraction data suchas your interactions with our emails, or other communications (e.g.,whether you open and/or forward emails) – we may do this through use of pixeltags (which are also known as clear GIFs), which may be embedded invisibly inour emails.


Cookies and similartechnologies. Some of the automaticcollection described above is facilitated by the following technologies:


·    Cookies, which are small text files that websites store on user devices toallow web servers to record users’ web browsing activities and remember theirsubmissions, preferences, and login status as they navigate a site. Cookiesused on our sites include both “session cookies” that are deleted when asession ends, “persistent cookies” that remain longer, “first party” cookiesthat we place and “third party” cookies that our service providers place.


·    Localstorage technologies, like HTML5, that provide cookie-equivalentfunctionality but can store larger amounts of data on your device outside ofyour browser in connection with specific applications.


·    Web beacons, also known as pixel tags or clear GIFs, which are used todemonstrate that a webpage or email was accessed or opened, or that certaincontent was viewed or clicked.


We may use cookies to allow the technical operation of the Platform,enhance the functionality of the Platform, and help us understand user activityon the Platform (including which pages are most and least visited and howvisitors move around the Platform, as well as user interactions with ouremails).



In general, we will only use PersonalInformation for the primary purpose(s) and applicable legitimate purposes forwhich it was collected (all of which will usually be identified to you at thetime we collect it), or for purposes consistent with these primary purposes. Beyond that, we mayuse your Personal Information for the following legitimate business purposes(or in other ways that we ask you for at the time we collect it):


Platform delivery and operations. We may use your PersonalInformation to:


·    provide,operate and improve the Platform and our business;


·    depersonalize or anonymize them;


·    communicatewith you about the Platform, including by sending announcements, updates,security alerts, and support and administrative messages;


·    understandyour needs and interests, and personalize your experience with the Platform andour communications; and


·    providesupport for the Platform, and respond to your requests, questions and feedback.


Marketing. We and our service providers may collect and use your PersonalInformation to send you direct marketing communications. You may opt-out of ourmarketing communications as described in the “Opt-out of marketing” section below.


Compliance and protection. We may use your PersonalInformation to:


·     comply with applicable laws, lawful requests, and legal process,such as to respond to subpoenas or requests from government authorities;


·     protect our, your or others’ rights, privacy, safety or property(including by making and defending legal claims);


·     audit our internal processes for compliance with legal andcontractual requirements or our internal policies;


·     enforce the terms and conditions that govern the Platform; and


·     prevent, identify, investigate and deter fraudulent, harmful,unauthorized, unethical or illegal activity, including cyberattacks andidentity theft.  


With your consent. In some cases, wemay specifically ask for your consent to collect, use or share your PersonalInformation, such as when required by law, or for when we have a new legitimatepurpose for using your Personal Information that we did contemplate at the timeit was originally collected from you. 



In general, we only share or communicatede-identified or anonymized, aggregated information that does not directly orindirectly identify any individual to our customers and partners, on behalf ofour users. However, there are some exceptions to this, as explained below.


Sharing with third-party service providers.We shareyour Personal Information withthird-party service providers and/or partners who provide us with website,application development, hosting, analytics, or other services who need toaccess or process your Personal Information in connection with the servicesthey provide to us. In such cases, they are contractually bound to keep yourdata confidential and to comply with privacy laws.


Sharing with employees. Our employees are bound by a duty ofconfidentiality. They only have access to your Personal Information in ananonymized or de-identified form, on a “need-to-know” basis or if reasonablyrequired by their duties.  


Sharing with legal authorities. We may also need to disclose Personal Information to comply with alegal obligation or to enforce our rights, including to government authoritiesand law enforcement agencies where required by applicable law.


4.                  WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS?

Under certain circumstances and in accordance with applicable privacylaws, you have a number of rights when it comes to the Personal Information youprovide to GameOn:


·      Access:right to ask whether we hold PersonalInformation about you and the right to access that information.


·      Rectification:right to request the rectificationof any incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information we hold about you.


·      Withdrawalof consent: right to withdrawyour consent to the disclosure or use of Personal Information collected.


·      Destructionrequest: right to request thedestruction of the Personal Information we hold about you.


·      Requestfor information: rightto request certain information relating to decisions based exclusively on theautomated processing of Personal Information.  



We follow generally accepted industrybest-practices and standards to protect the information transferred to us. Wemaintain appropriate physical, technical, logical, and administrativesafeguards, proportional to the sensitivity of the Personal Information, toprotect it from unauthorized disclosure or access, accidental or unlawfulalteration, loss or destruction, misuse, or other unlawful form of processingof the Personal Information in our possession.


Although we ensure that adequatesafeguards are in place to protect Personal Information, data transmission overthe Internet still comes with inherent risks. We cannot guarantee that thirdparty actors will not maliciously attempt to hack our systems, and we are notresponsible for third party interceptions of data in transit if they havemanaged to circumvent our security protocols in circumstances where there wereno vulnerabilities or deficiencies in our systems. In those situations, wecannot be held liable for any misappropriation, interception, modification,deletion, destruction, or use of data provided through our Platform.  


If you have reason to believe that any PersonalInformation has been compromised, please contact us as set forth in the "Howto contact us" section.


In the case of a data security breachinvolving your Personal Information, we will notify you without undue delayafter we become aware of such breach, and will work diligently to investigate,contain, and remediate the breach, all as required by applicable law.


The Platform may contain links towebsites, mobile applications, and other online services operated by thirdparties. In addition, our content may be integrated into web pages or otheronline services that are not associated with us. These links and integrationsare not an endorsement of, or representation that we are affiliated with, anythird party. We do not control websites, mobile applications or online servicesoperated by third parties, and we are not responsible for their actions. Weencourage you to read the privacy policies of the other websites, mobileapplications and online services that you use.



We are headquartered in Canada and may useservice providers that operate in other countries. Your Personal Informationmay be stored or transferred or other locations where privacy laws may not beas protective as those in your state, province, or country. If you areconsidered a “data subject” under the EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR), then we will handle your Personal Information in accordance with theGDPR.


We will retain Personal Information onlyfor as long as necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and tocomply with our legal and regulatory obligations. To find out more about howlong we keep Personal Information, please contact us as set forth in the "Howto contact us" section.



We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make material changesto it, we will notify you by updating the date of this Privacy Policy and posting it on the Platform or otherappropriate means. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective uponour posting of the modified version (or as otherwise indicated at the time ofposting). In all cases, your use of the Platform after the effective date ofany modifications indicates your acceptance of the modifications. If you haveany issues with any modifications, please contact us to discuss them.


8.                  HOW TO CONTACT US?

To exercise your rights, file acomplaint, obtain information about our policies and practices or if you have questions or comments about this PrivacyPolicy, please contact our Privacy Officer by email at or by mail at the following address:



Attention: Privacy Officer

750 W Pender Street, Suite#401Vancouver, BC V6C 2T7, Canada


Ifyou prefer not to receive information from us, either through email, postalmail or by phone, please follow the unsubscribe instructions within the emailmessage or contact us at Please note thatsuch requests may take up to 2 weeks to become effective. In addition, if youask us to remove your name and address from our email lists, we will maintainyour name in a “do not mail” file to ensure that we can honour your request.